The 15 Best Books on Leadership

What does it take to be a great leader? What values and traits, skills, habits, and mindset do some of the most powerful leaders of all time have in common?

The following list covers some of the best books on leadership. If you ever wanted to know what a leader is made up of, you can start by reading some of the best picks here.

Start With Why -Book Summary

Simon Sinek shares how true leaders inspire others by putting the purpose, the "Why" before anything else.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Book Summary

Leoncini provides an explicit guide for combating behavior (human tendencies) that can corrupt a team.

Former US Navy SEAL Jocko Willink and Leif Babin share true stories from the war zone about what it takes to be a leader.

Principles: Life & Work -Book Summary

Ray Dalio shares valuable advice on how to succeed in business and life in general.

Sinek's follow-up book reveals how to get people on board with your "Why", sharing practical advice on getting people to commit and trust your vision.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Book Summary

Ben Horowitz shares practical advice on how to deal with the difficult stuff when running and managing a company.

The Score Takes Care of Itself -Book Summary

Bill Walsh shares why success depends on neverending quest for solutions that will increase your chances of winning.

Man's Search for Meaning - Book Summary

Viktor Frankl survived Nazi camps and shared everything he went through and what he learned about suffering and life's meaning.

Meditations - Book Summary

The inner thoughts of a Roman emperor. A timeless collection of reflections and aphorisms that has been consulted and admired by leaders, thinkers and readers through the centuries.

The Truth About Leadership -Book Summary

Kouzes and Posner dish out what they call "the no-fads, heart-of-the-matter facts you need to know" about leadership.

Drive - Book Summary

Dan Pink's bestselling book reveals everything you need to know about motivation.

The Servant - Book Summary

James Hunter weaves the tail of
an executive who, while visiting a monastery attains lessons
on authority and leadership.

Daring Greatly -Book Summary

Brene Brown teaches us why it's important to encourage daring greatly, embrace vulnerability and imperfection, and to live to the fullest and encourage others to do the same.

Jim Collins shatters myths, provides new insights, and gives practical guidance to those who would like to build landmark companies that stand the test of time.

Tribes - Book Summary

Seth Godin  makes you think about the opportunities in leading your fellow employees, customers, investors, believers, hobbyists, or readers. . . . It's not easy, but it's easier than you think.

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